Colin Dunbar is the author of The Creator’s Almanac, Nine Bodies in a Puddle, The Era of the Orb, and Sanity in the Absurd!

Nine Bodies in a Puddle is a collection of interconnected short stories that slowly traverses from a fairy-tale-like atmosphere toward the realm of horror. Here is a preview:

If you are reading this book in the presence of other people, I need you to stop immediately.


Wait until you are completely isolated, locked away, and hidden from the world.

Find someplace that is entirely silent. The sound of birds chirping, the humming of an air conditioner, the distant chatter of people a few rooms away – escape it.

Bring a mirror.

Once there, isolated from the rest of the world, focus on the details of your reflection.

Stare intently at the echo of your blinking.

Look into the whites of your eyes.

Isn’t it wrong?

It looks nothing like you.


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The Creator’s Almanac Volume One: The Thoughts of Manna is the first part of a fantasy series set in the distant future. A world where humans exist alongside demons. Here is a quick preview:

During my last moment of consciousness, my sore body resting in the snow, I couldn’t shake the thought of my father. Had he seen this sorry scene, he would have laughed.

I heard that he laughed when I was born.

I can’t remember everything from when I was young, but I’ve had the story retold to me.

My father was devastated at first; he wanted a son instead. All he could do was laugh in the face of disappointment.

Devastation soon turned to anger.

He didn’t stay with us long, leaving only to drop by once every few months. He didn’t want me to be seen, fearing the supposed shame brought on by the presence of a daughter. 

That, coupled with my mother’s fears, only strengthened my isolation. Demons roam the streets of Manna, and the king of Manna despises those that fail to conform. She wanted to keep me safe, so I could never leave.

In the small world of my home, with no outside and no other connections, my existence began to revolve around the visitor, my father. I wanted nothing more than to see him visit the house happy, impressed, or even proud.

            “I disavow the name Artaith.” I said one day.

            “Oh?” He chuckled.

            “You wanted a man, so I’ll become one. My name is Arthur now. Art.”

And even though he always laughed or shouted at everything, that was the first time I saw him smile.

At the time, I could never have predicted my future. A family grew, one proud to call me their own, and with it rose a sliver of hope. A demon banished from hell, a photographer who barely escaped the town that turned against her, and me, a human being with the odd ability to read people’s thoughts. 

We could finally see liberation on the horizon.  

is available now!

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The Era of the Orb is a trilogy of novels that is available now! Here’s a quick synopsis:

P24102 is trapped in a mysterious prison where death is impermanent. Every time P24102 meets their death in the prison, they wake up back in their cell.

Scarlett is a woman who discovers her blood acts as a medicine that can cure all forms of disease and injury. With the help of a team of investors, she tries to introduce her life-saving blood to the world.

J.B. Waltz is a detective investigating the kidnapping of a woman named May Contreras. After receiving a strange letter written in code and gaining access to the last few emails May sent before her disappearance, Waltz discovers a greater unexpected mystery hidden beneath the surface.

Their lives are all interconnected in more ways than they may understand.

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Sanity in the Absurd is a collection of ten interconnected short stories. One story follows a man who discovers a store where he can buy and sell time. Another story is about a woman attempting to climb the world’s tallest building and fighting against self-doubt. A third story is about a person that finds a strange USB sewn into a backpack, then uses an online forum to attempt to discover the secrets it holds.

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